How much does it cost to become a CNA?

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

Obtaining a CNA certification is one of the quickest healthcare certifications you can obtain. Understanding how much it may cost to become a CNA varies based on where you live, what the course includes, and the flexibility of the course. Here we will break down each of these to help you better understand how to prepare to obtain this in demand certification.

Where you live matters?

As a matter of fact, it does. Like many things, CNA certification costs have a lot to do with the cost of living for an area. For example, in California, CNA program costs can be $2000 for a 5-week program, however the CNA program can be $700 in the state of Georgia. Here at Integrity Health & Education in Denton, Tx our CNA course is only $999.

What does the course include?

Many CNA courses include the bare minimum in their tuition costs. Meaning, you can pay $2,000 for tuition, but you still have to pay for your books, uniform, CPR and more. Here at Integrity Health & Education, our tuition is all inclusive! The fee of $999 pays for your:

Registration Fee

Lab Equipment & Supplies

Text Book

CPR Certification

And even your CNA Examination fee!

How does course flexibility matter?

Many CNA schools may not offer flexible course options and may require that you attend M-F 8-5pm. Schools that do offer flexible options such as weekends, evening or even online courses usually charge more for those options. Integrity Health & Education believes in charging the same price no matter which course offering you choose! Our CNA courses are $999 no matter the option you choose.

Choosing to become a CNA is a rewarding job that helps you care for others and your family! You can touch lives and can make well above minimum wage at the same time. If you are ready to take the next step in getting your CNA certification you can sign up with Integrity Health & Education Center HERE or you can call us for more info at 940-323-1973.

This blog post was written by Victoria Randle NP-C of The Secret Cocktail®, a CNA school start-up consulting agency.

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