How to Qualify for a Free CNA Certification

Integrity Health’s Partnership with Workforce Solutions

Integrity Health & Education has a partnership with Workforce Solutions, which offers scholarship vouchers to eligible candidates who are interested in working in health care. Individuals that live in the Texoma, Denton, and Fort Worth area can apply with their local Workforce office and mention that they are interested in becoming a certified nursing assistant through Integrity Health & Education, and if they qualify, the Workforce Solutions will provide them with a voucher to attend the course.

How to Qualify

Candidates that receive any type of government assistance could qualify. They may receive SNAP benefits or a TANF benefits. They may have Medicaid. They can be unemployed, underemployed, or displaced. They may have had some displacement due to COVID and are receiving unemployment benefits. Or they can meet a certain low-income threshold, likely under $12,000 per individual.

Any of these situations would be criteria to help qualify under the Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act (WIOA) and for a scholarship voucher.

Candidates 16 to 24 can qualify for the youth program. There is also an adult program for 24 and older. To receive personal points of contact for Workforce Solutions, call Integrity Health & Education at 940-323-1973.

About the Qualifying Process

The approval process takes two to three weeks after the application is submitted, and applicants are eligible to become a student at Integrity Health and Education with their WIOA voucher. We provide students with scrubs, equipment, a Basic Life Support card, and pay for all testing to receive the certification. It is a great opportunity to jumpstart a career in the healthcare field.

Integrity Health & Education’s Partnership with Military OneSource

Through Military OneSource, there is an available scholarship called MyCAA. It is a grant that helps military spouses, and applicants are eligible for up to $4,000. They can receive $2,000 a year to help pay for an associate degree, a certificate, or a certification. Integrity Health and Education is an eligible training provider with Military OneSource as well.

Qualifying for the Military OneSource Grant

The MyCAA program helps individuals find employment in high-demand careers and occupations that will easily fit the mobile military lifestyle. MyCAA provides support to military spouses looking for a mobile-friendly career. They must have completed high school/GED and n