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How to Find the "Ideal CNA Program"

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

We want to make sure you are well informed and graduate with "INTEGRITY". When you begin your search for the Ideal CNA program, we want to encourage you to look for schools that will give you the most "bang for your buck". Find out what extras the program offers. Can they lend any insight to your job search after the program is over? Are you going to have to buy supplies and equipment that you won't use after the program is complete? Look at their list of costs or fees located on their website. If you don't see these fees, you should call the school. What additional fees may be needed for school or for a job after their program is over. Yes, you have to pay for your state test to get certified after the course is over! Yes, you have to pay to get a CPR card in order to get a job! Schools may not tell you this. No one ever wants to get to the school, only to realize they were not informed of the additional costs.

Ask about the flexibility of the program is it online or in person. What happens if you miss a day, can you make it up? Things happen in life so how will they work with your circumstances. What if you require additional help before test date? Can you use the lab at the school to go over a skill you aren't that comfortable with yet? YOU BETTER ASK QUESTIONS!! (that's what my mom would say)

Here at Integrity Health & Education, our mission is to provide high-quality support staff to the healthcare arena and the patients' it serves. That means, our goal is to make sure you are ready for the workforce by being what healthcare professionals refer to as a "strong nurse". We encourage our students to take a step back and absorb the information. We expect them to learn their lecture and we follow up with Debriefs and additional testing. We put checks and balances in place to make sure you know what you are doing. Start your CNA career with us. Start with INTEGRITY!

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