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Integrity Healthcare Helping Make Dream Come True

Chloe dreams of becoming a physician’s assistant. A recent Integrity Healthcare Education graduate, Chloe received her certified nursing assistant certification which is helping to make her dream come true.

“I want to go to Physicians Assistant school, so I thought being a CNA would be a great route for clinical hours and to get some experience in the healthcare field that’s very hands-on and personal with the patients,” Chloe says.

She researched several schools, many of which lacked information on their programs or reviews from students. Integrity, however, “had a lot of reviews that were really good,” she said. Integrity is also approved by the Texas Workforce Commission, which assured Chloe that its programs are trustworthy.

The program is 2 1/2 weeks long and intense. It is very doable, even while you’re still working. Chloe had homework every night but found she could complete it quickly. Now, she is working as a CNA at a nearby nursing home. During her time at the nursing home, she has found herself well-prepared for the job.

“One of the best parts of this program is that [the instructor] didn’t just teach to the test but really taught to the job itself,” Chloe said. The practical teaching was important because “there are a lot of things that the test has you do, but there’s even more that the job actually requires that we were able to learn through [the instructor].”

Chloe highly recommends the program to others looking to earn their CNA.

“Integrity really wants us to be great CNAs. They’re different because they don’t just want to get your money and move on. Integrity is really there to help you.”

Integrity assisted Chloe in writing her resume and finding a job. She was also welcomed to come back, even after she had finished the program, to prepare for her test. Integrity faculty and staff still keep in touch with her to be sure she continues to reach her goals and move toward becoming a PA.

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