A Passion for Taking Care of People

Priscila Martinez’s ultimate goal in life is to become a nurse. The first step toward that goal was to become a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) through the CNA program offered at the Integrity Health and Education in Denton.

Priscila has always “had a passion for taking care of people and being supportive when they are most vulnerable”. She started doing research on CNA programs and when she found that the positive reviews for Integrity Health and Education intrigued her. “I was reading the reviews and they were all positive and spoke very highly of the instructor,” she said. “That really intrigued me to want to push forward to earning my certification.”

Starting the CNA program at Integrity proved to be an amazing experience. Priscilla said the instructor made sure “we truly understood everything, and she wasn’t just throwing information at us. She made sure to break it down if we did need some more help.” On top of that, Priscila felt that “her instructors would mentor me during the job interview process and give me tips, because she is also in the healthcare field.” This one-on-one mentoring, interviewing tips, and personalized help demonstrated that Integrity Health and Education goes the extra mile.

Today, Priscila is a Certified Nursing Assistant at Medical City Denton. She felt very prepared and knowledgeable after going through the Integrity program. She is planning to start work on her Bachelor’s degree in the next few months as the next step towards her goal of becoming a Registered Nurse (RN). Integrity Health and Education is a part of helping her feel prepared to take on the challenge. She feels that her training at Integrity helped give her real-world tips in the healthcare field beyond just the textbook academics.

Priscila shared with us that she “would definitely recommend Integrity Health and Education Center to others looking to get their CNA certification”. It was her experience that she has been supported every step of the way and that “extra effort is really, really appreciated”. She speaks fondly of her instructor and says she keeps in touch with her still to this day.